School Council

School Council Roles and Responsibilities

The School Council Chair is responsible for:

  • calling regular school council meetings

  • preparing the agenda for the meetings

  • communicating with the school principal on a regular basis

  • ensuring there is regular communication with the entire school community

  • following the existing school council bylaws

  • soliciting information about school board policies impacting the school

  • striving to ensure the diversity of the school community is represented on the school council

  • promoting teamwork between the school council, principal, and staff

The School Council Vice Chair is responsible for:

  • chairing meetings in the event the Chairperson is unavailable

  • working with and support the Chairperson in agenda preparation

  • assisting the Chairperson to ensure meetings run smoothly

  • representing the School Council at city-wide meetings when possible

The School Council Secretary is responsible for:

  • acting as a recorder at meetings

  • keeping meeting minutes, correspondence records, and other school council documents organized and publically accessible in accordance with the Freedom of  Information and Privacy Act

  • ensuring notice of council meetings and other events is distributed


Parents for Don Campbell Roles and Responsibilities

The President is responsible for:

  • providing the tie-breaking vote in case of a tie in the election process

  • presiding over the meeting

*The President can be the same as the Chairperson of the School Council if this is decided upon at the Annual General Meeting

The Vice-president is responsible for

  • presiding over the meeting in the event of the the President’s absence

*The Vice-president may be the same person as the Vice-Chair of the School Council


The Secretary is responsible for:

  • keeping an accurate record of the meetings

  • keeping a record of the correspondence and members of the association

  • publicizes dates and times of meetings

The Treasurer is responisble for

  • receiving and depositing money

  • keep an accurate financial record of the association

  • providing an account of receipts and disbursements to the secretary

  • *The position of Secretary and Treasurer can be filled by the same person, if decided upon at the Annual General Meeting

The Fundraising coordinator is responsible for

  • overseeing the coordination of fundraising projects (e.g. Hot Lunch, magazine sales)

  • providing guidance to other parent volunteers who may be assisting with fundraising events