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 Welcome to DCE's Family Corner!

Scroll down to find some resources to help develop literacy, numeracy, and mindset with your family.


In order to read effectively, students need to learn and build five different areas.  These area are word recognition, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and backgroud knowledge.  Follow the links below to find strategies for reinforcing literacy skills.                                                                                   

Comprehension Strategies   

Word Recognition Strategies     

Background Knowledge Strategies

Vocabulary Strategies

Fluency Strategies

Check out some Math tips for parents here.


At Don Campbell we believe in the "power of yet."  At DCE we purposefully teach the students the power of a growth mindset and help them to develop these skills.  As parents, you can continue to foster a growth mindset at home.  Here are some resources you may find helpful.

 - Carol Dweck's book:  Mindset - The New Psycology of Success

 - Picture books for teaching students about a growth mindset

 - TED Talk by Carol Dweck:  The Power of Believing You Can Improve

 - The Power of Praise.  This video summarizes the research on how the way you praise a child can impact   their motivation and achievement.

 - Mindset Kit.  This is available through DCE.  It contains books, discussion questions, activities, and games to help foster a growth mindset (see picture below).  Contact to sign out this resource.